Why you need to renovate your bathroom?

In most homes today, the bathrooms is one area where proud owners can showcase their pride and excellent taste in designs. It is also an area where you can have total privacy, reconnect to your inner self, feel recharged from the hustle bustle of the wearisome day and enjoy a thereaputic bath.

A study had shown that for potential homebuyers, the bathrooms is inevitably an area they pay special attention to, observing everything from the colour theme, quality of finishes used, fixtures and faucets, as well as practical space layout etc.


This is applicable to whether it is a luxury 5 star home or an entry level studio apartment buyers. Bathrooms just have that much impact on a home we will consider buying and living in.

If you are a proud homeowner considering putting your property in the market for sale, and have a bathroom that is dated in design, you may want to consider improving or renovating your toilets as this will dramatically enhance the value of your property.

Remodelling magazine had said that on average, you will recover about 88% of the investment you put in, in upgrading your bathrooms. If you do not intent of any other form of home improvement prior to listing your property for sale, by just giving your home a fresh coat of pain and upgrading your toilets will enhance the saleability of your home as a whole.

Depending on the extend of your upgrading, a basic overhaul for the purpose of putting your property for sale can cost you about $2500 per bathroom and up to $5000 for those who wants the best of everything in luxury and indulge in opulence.