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Renovations - Are you paying too much?

In search of renovation packages for your home? But are you paying too much? Before you decide on an Interior Design firm to do the job, do consider these important factors because they will impact the eventual price you're paying for renovation.

Regardless of whether you're renovating your home for the first time or fifth time, it's time you find out what you're paying for. If you're saying yes to more than two or three factors below, it's quite likely that you're paying more than you should. 

Factors affecting the cost of your renovation

  • Is the carpentry work outsourced to someone else?
  • Do they have their own tilers for wet works?
  • How about in-house graphic designers for concept drawings and 3D drawings?
  • Was  a third party platform used to engage them? 
  • Did you find them from expensive media sources like TV, Radio and Exhibition?
  • Are they offering irresistible "free" gifts or attractive "sure-win" lucky draws?

What are you really paying for?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then please know that the cost of your renovation would have to include all these additional charges. If the ID firm had to outsource carpentry works, prices are marked up. If they are using a platform to reach out to you, they have to factor in the exorbitant costs  they paid to the platform.

And when it's expensive media marketing or the luring of "free" gifts to attract your attention, beware. We're not talking about the occasional complimentary cooker hob and hood or kitchen sink etc. When it's  a free holiday or standing a chance to  win a 55" OLED TV,  who do you think will be eventually bearing the costs of these lucky draws? Of the  hundreds of participants, only one lucky owner gets to enjoy the prize. 

Why Home Reno Pte Ltd?

Home Reno is a self-sustained website. We do not outsource our carpentry, wet works, etc. We have our own in-house graphic designer. And do not rely on third party platforms for exposure. We have not resorted to expensive media marketing. And we certainly do not employ the use of "free gifts and lucky draws" which are really not free anyway. 

The costs we saved on outsourcing, third party platforms and marketing gimmicks are then passed on to you, the end user. So if you're looking for an affordable renovation deal without all the gimmicks, you found us. 

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A renovation package for everyone 

Check out our most comprehensive list of home packages. Our prices are transparent with no hidden costs. Be it HDB, private residential or landed housing, we have a package for you. There are packages catered to  BTO flats as well as some home improvement packages for kitchen or bathrooms, if you're not renovating your entire home. 

Our renovation packages

For your easy reference,  our comprehensive packages (NO GST) have been broadly grouped into four categories. 


Check out what is included in the respective packages (NO GST) by clicking on the red buttons.

The most basic package that include the bare essentials. Suitable for those on a shoestring budget. Prices starting from only $10800 for HDB 4 rooms and $11688 for HDB 5 rooms. 

Attractive and affordable for HDB new or resale flat. Prices for 3 rooms new flat starting from $18880 and 3 rooms resale from $22888. Includes packages for 4 rooms as well as 5 rooms.  

Suitable for four and five rooms premium design and build flats. For as little as $11888 for HDB four rooms. 

Full renovation package for four and five rooms. This includes everything and is probably the most comprehensive package there is. You may even find you don't need some of the included items. Just let us know and we'll subtract items not required from the final price. 

Unbeatable promotion packages for HDB resale flats. These are one of our most popular when it comes to renovating a resale flat. Includes most of the items you will probably require. Prices for three rooms starting from as low as $31888. 

Packages especially created for HDB executive apartments and maisonette. We created these packages because of the constant requests from home owner who bought resale EA and EM and wanted a quote. Priced at $24888, it may not include everything for everyone, but its a good start. 

For private residential homes with the total built in area of less than 3000 sqft. Includes the very basic items which acts as a starting point. Just reach out to us should you require a custom quote. 

For homeowners who just requires renovation done for kitchen and bathroom. This package includes renovating the kitchen and two toilets. Great for those who merely wished to upgrade their current renovation for these areas.  

For prices to all our HDB and Condo packages, simply click on the above link for a better comparison. 


Irresistible pricing for our BTO kitchen renovation. Check out what's included at $3888  

BTO two rooms package. Attractively priced and includes most of the essential items.

For owners of new BTO three rooms flat. Attractively priced and includes most of the essential items.

For owners of new BTO four rooms flat. One of our most bestselling at the moment. Includes most of the essential items.

For owners of new BTO five rooms flat. Includes most of the essential items for just $9880. Check it out. 

BTO (HDB) Project Basis

Package created specifically for home owners of new BTO flats at Toa Payoh Crest. Includes 4 and 5 rooms. Act as a guide price for new and upcoming BTO projects. 


Renovating just the bedrooms? We have a standard package just for that. Should be sufficient for the majority of homeowners. 

Renovating just the living room? We have a standard package just for that. Should be sufficient for the majority of homeowners. 

Quite a popular package for homeowners who just wished to upgrade the look and feel to a modern kitchen. For the price of an osim Uinfinity Luxe massage chair, you get a brand new fully functional kitchen. 

Another popular package for homeowner who are not moving into a new home but simply updating their current home renovation. More often than not, it's the kitchen and bathrooms that requires improvements after years of usage. 


Full package for landed house renovation. Includes practically everything needed for a brand new landed house.

Living hall package for landed house renovation. 

For kitchen design and renovation of landed house.

For renovation of kitchen and bathrooms for landed house.

Includes renovation of two bathrooms for landed house.

Includes renovation of bedrooms for landed house.

See and compare prices for all landed house packages.

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