Frequently asked question

Each and everyday, we receive numerous online requests for quotes. We appreciate every opportunity given to us by our prospects. We do our level best to answer all our online enquiries as best as we possibly can.

In order for us to provide you the best outcome from your enquiry, we have prepared the following information which we think will enable us to serve you better.

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1. I don't see any package for executive apartment or maisionette.

2. Why is your price lower than most of the quote I have check from elsewhere?

3. Is the price on your website still applicable?

4. What information and details do I need to give in order to get a quotation from you.

5. What if I don't have a floor plan?

6. What if I urgently need a quotation to decide and can't wait?

7. How long does it take for a quotation to be ready?

8. I don't feel comfortable giving my contact or arranging for on site quotation. Will I be obligated to engage your services after that?

9. Do I need to tell my budget?

10. Does your work come with any warranty?

11. Do I have to pay anything if I don't decide to use your services?

12. Do you only specialize in HDB renovation?

13. I can't find a package that is close to what I need

14. Is there any online portfolio I can take a look at?

Some examples of the difficulties we faced when there is a lack of infomation. All real instances we receive in our mails.

I’m renovating my 3 room flat, how much roughly does it cost?

Ans: There is no floor plan, no mention of what is to be done, no details at all except it is a 3 room flat.

Hi I came upon your site and is interested to know how much you will charge to renovate my two toilets?

Ans : Floor plan not provided, no mention of what is to be done.

Hi, I’m interested to renovate my current kitchen and two toilets. Can you suggest a possible layout design for my kitchen and give a quote.

Ans : There was no floor plan, and no details to work on such as theme of kitchen, preference of materials or budget to work on.