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When it comes to entrusting  your home renovation, a reliable company is most important. Check out our testimonials

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Veronica Sun
Proud Home Owner

We are very thankful for a remarkable service by Johnson Poh. He is a very responsive and helpful person in addressing our needs and concerns during the whole sales process till after sales. A very good job indeed! Two thumbs up!

Tanjit Singh
Marine Surveyor

I engaged Joven to renovate my home 7 years ago and he did a great job. I was very satisfied with the outcome. 3 years ago, when my dad needed to renovate his house, I referred it to Joven. My dad was very pleased with the renovation. Recently I needed to give my office a compete overhaul and obviously I entrusted the job to Joven.

Now that the works are completed, I just want to drop in and share that the experience of using him for my Reno work all these years have been a pleasant one. He's reliable and responsible. Willing to listen to my needs and have been patient when I change my mind about how certain items should be.

Overall a great experience and I have no qualms referring him to my friends if they need to renovate.

Pei Hua

I'd like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to our contractor Mr Johnson Poh for the brilliant renovation work. Although there were glitches (which is very common for any renovation ), Johnson was always responsive, responsible and reliable. He really could be counted upon to fix problems, even coming down on his own with tools etc. to resolve any issues we may have! Impressive!!

My husband and I found Johnson so easy to communicate with and he was never one to press for payment or shirk responsibility should any issue arise. Thanks Johnson! Take care 

Home Renovation Scams

What do you know about protecting yourself from renovation scams? Take your knowledge to the test and read our ULTIMATE guide to protecting yourself. 

home renovation scams


Want to be convinced we offer one of the industry's best value for your money? Simply make an appointment and bring your quote over for a comparison. We are quite confident that you will be pleased with the outcome. And if we can't match the quote..... You've got to be really careful dealing with that questionable quotation. 


We don't resort to free gifts or lucky draws to entice you. We save on marketing gimmicks so that the savings can be passed on to you.  Let's face it, what you're after is the best value your money can pay for renovation., isn't it? Do you really think that FREE gifts are free or factored into the costs? And what are the chances of you winning that lucky draw?


Our prices online are 100% transparent with no hidden costs. What you see is what you get. Take our instant calculator for a ride. The total costs tabulated is the actual price you get. Did you know that hidden costs can bump up to 30% of your eventual quote? And most them only surfaces when the contract is signed.  

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