How to plan and design your bathroom

This article provides you a guide at planning your bathroom designs and useful ideas in planning bathroom space and layout. Perhaps you’re planning to upgrade your existing bathroom or starting with a new bathroom, either way, these are a few helpful tips you may like to consider about.

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    How big is our bathroom? What area are we talking about?
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    Who uses it? The whole family, two people, children, guests or just yourself?
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    What are the fixtures to be install? ( Bath tub, shower cubicle, vanity, etc.)
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    Are the current lighting sufficient. What kind of lighting do you intend on using in the bathroom?
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    Will there be any bathroom furniture? Do you intend on buying them or have custom made ones.
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    Are you planning on redoing the whole bathroom or just a certain part?
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    Does it require plumbing work?


Begin with measuring the bathroom area and creating a sketch of the fixtures that you have, what you want to modify or change, if it’s a brand new toilet. This enables you estimate the precise area you have around to play with. Then work on a realistic budget. Are you are planning on redoing the plumbing job, estimate the costs, for it can be costly. With the budgets and fixtures you desire in hand, it would be easy to dwell on ideas and new fittings. Be it a vanity top, a new tub or a shower enclosure, do ensure you consider the usage of space. You wouldn’t want to clutter your bathroom.

Nowadays, modular bathrooms done in little space are in trend. More people are looking for smaller bathrooms fitted with modern amenities. With bit of careful and meticulous planning, it is possible to fit in the things you desire. You get corner shower cubicles that save space and if there is space constraint, you could always use a separate overhead shower cubicle and use curtains to keep away the water splashing.

Tubs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and in order to save your bathroom precious space, get a deeper bathtub that saves space around the foot-end or baths where you sit straight.

For bathrooms that are larger, you are able to work with the space with fewer constraints. Estimate the space, the gadgets and fixtures you plan to add. Shower cubicles, bath tubs and even saunas are all possible, just have to work on it in a way that still helps the bathroom to look spacious.

Always pay attention to bathroom fittings, detailed work and fittings like faucets and sinks can matter in fashioning your desired space.


There are a wide variety of bathroom faucet, when choosing your faucets, pay attention to details like mounting (wall/sink) and material. For existing bathroom with faucet, you may be planning to change the mounting, which will be more costly as it will most probably requires additional plumbing work.

Toilet Seats

Depending on the space available, you have a choice of elongated, rounded or corner seats. The elongated seat is great for comfort, but pay attention to details and dimensions. Smaller bathrooms means you may like to consider a smaller dimension seats. Toilet seats come in different shapes and sizes. There will be one that fits your requirements.

Sinks & Taps

Bathroom sinks come in different shapes, colors and sizes as well as materials. The designer variety includes wall-mounted, counter sinks in ceramic, steel or glass with a wide selection of accessories and matching colors. Taps are suppose to be functional, always take into consideration the water flow and temperature control system before you decide on a particular one. Find one that are the perfect combination of both style and function.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom vanity plays an important role in the overall design and function of your bathroom. Ask yourself, what kind of style do you want? Do you want an old fashioned look or something new and fresh with a sleek design? Choose a style that suits your personality or the style of the rest of your bathroom. Choose one with extra cabinets, shelves, drawers, etc if you need more space but if you want to keep a sleek, slim look, you don’t want all of that.

Hope you have a better idea with your bathroom planning and design.