Our Services

We offer a complete renovation, restoration, installation and repair services to residential, commercial and industrial, interior and exterior spaces such as:


With vast experience in constructing and demolishing partitions, no job is too small or too big for us. Whether it’s brick, hollow block, concrete, plaster, timber or glass partition, we do them all.

Painting & Decorations


We provide experiences painters for all kinds of paint jobs. A fresh quote of paint will do wonders to enhance the value of your home. Modern paint are available in variety of formulations from Odor free, resistance to mold and fungi growth, easy wipe, etc.

Floor Covering

Floor covering

All types of flooring works. From cement screed, carpet, wood, ceramic, marble or granite. Our men have more than 15 years’ experience to provide you with quality flooring and exceptional workmanship.

Suspended Ceiling

Suspended ceiling

Whether it’s suspended ceiling, dropped ceiling, false ceiling or grid ceiling, rest assured that you’re covered.

Carpentry & Joinery

Carpentry works

Involves all kinds of carpentry and joinery works. Our men have vast experience and provides excellent workmanship.

F & E Installations

FF&E installations

Specialised in installation of all FF&E. Whether it’s a piece of bulky Furniture, Fixture or an Equipment like a built in refrigerator, dryer etc.


Plumbing works

All types of plumbing works to meet your needs.

Lighting, Power, Data

Electric works

Certified professionals for all electrical works.

3D Perspective Drawings

With our very own in-house designer, 3D perspective drawings is always prompt and never outsourced.