Condo Landed below 3000 sqft





Our popular packages for condos and landed houses. For units larger than 3000 sqft, do check with us for a friendly disccussion. Here is what is included in the package:

Interior Design & Services

  • Design concept consultation
  • Space planning & layout plan proposal
  • Perspective drawing proposal
  • Materials & color matching scheme proposal

Masonry Works

  • Supply and construct cabinet base with ceramic tiles finish
  • Supply and construct refrigerator base with ceramic tiles finish
  • Supply and construct washing machine base with ceramic tiles finish

Plumbing Works

  • Supply and install inlet copper pipe for sink & washing machine.
  • Supply labour to install stainless steel kitchen sink
  • Supply and install outlet pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine
  • Supply labour to install instant heater for 2 toilets
  • Supply labour to install bathroom accessories for both toilets

Aluminium  Works

  • Supply and install alluminium design grille for whole house windows. BA/NA ( base on 4ft ht)

Ceiling  Works

  • Construct L-box light holder for living/dining area
  • Construct simple cornice for 3 bedrooms

Carpentry  Works

  • Fabricate and install 20 ft kitchen cabinet with solid laminated doors in ABS trimming.
  • Supply 2 x glass panels
  • Supply 1 set of cutlery tray
  • Supply designer handles for all doors and drawers
  • Supply & install 10 ft(L) laminated post-form work top
  • Fabricate and install 6 ft x full height designer casement wardrobe in laminated finish

Miscellaneous Works

  • Supply and lay protection covering for whole house floor finishing when required
  • Provide chemical washing for whole house flooring
  • Optional: Add $1200  if pre-packed materials is preferred for new flooring

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