Who Are We

We have been in the business since 2007.  We are one of the first pioneers offering transparent price comparisons online. And also the market leader offering services of non-obligatory free online quotations.  To date, we believed that we have provided at least 10x more free online quotation than any other ID firm in the industry. 

Our scope and specialties

Home Reno Pte Ltd specializes in renovation and interior design. Our services includes renovations, interior designs, remodeling and A&A works. It can be said that though our domain reflects "Home Renovation", our scope and specialty are not limited to residential homes. Feel free to visit our gallery on works completed for Corporate Interiors, Commercial renovations and designs.  

Dedication and Teamwork

We have been actively contributing to the renovation and interior design landscape in Singapore for the past 11 years. Our team of dedicated and creative consultants works with one goal in mind. To assist our clients to best achieve their dream homes with the most practical and innovative designs in the modern day. 

Affordable, Reliable & Professional services

We're constantly working hard to ensure our services are not just affordable, reliable but also meet the industry's standard for professionalism. We're committed to the assurance of highest quality workmanship. And ensures total commitment from the inception of your projects through to the completion. 

How are we different

  • ​Price Match Guarantee
    For starters, we offer our 100% price match guarantee. Arrange for an appointment, bring your existing quotation down and we are quite confident we could offer you better.
  • Transparency - No Hidden Costs
    The prices you see on our website is what it is. There are no hidden costs. 
  • No gimmicks marketing
    We don't subscribe to "FREE" gifts and "LUCKY" draws because they distract you from what you need. After all, most free gifts are already factored into the package prices. And obviously, no many of us are that "lucky" in lucky draws.