Top 3 mistake when decorating home interior

When it comes to decorating home interior, most homeowners have a preconceived idea about what is considered good interior design. So what is really  great and tasteful interior designs? It's really subjective and dependent on individual tastes.

But when it comes to poorly coordinated and awful planning, many things could go wrong. Let's look at the top 3 most common mistakes we have come across, when it concerns decorating your interiors. They are:


Ceiling must be white

It can be said that a white ceiling is a safe choice. And the majority of us chooses white over any other colours when it comes to ceiling. White ceilings seemingly makes the ceiling looks taller and the room more spacious. There’s nothing wrong with a safe and boring choice of ceiling.

However, white is not the only option. You can always go for bright colours or patterns. When you have a tall ceiling or loft, consider adding a unique flavour to your ceilings. It could also be the talking point of your interior décor when done tastefully.

Neutrals are always safe

When everything in the room is neutral in colour, you will not fail to achieve a … neutral feeling about the room. But don’t we all want our rooms to convey a certain feeling?

Perhaps it’s warmth, vibrancy, zen, calming, invigorating or homely etc. The worst thing that can happen when decorating a room is when it achieves nothing except a neutral feeling. So it is important to consider tone, texture, depth and shape when you’re indulging too much into neutral colors for a room.

Wood finishes should match

A popular myth is that wood finishes in a room should match with each other. This could be disastrous when it comes to interior decor.

Instead of using the same wood finishes throughout the room, having different finishes, mixing a variety of wood tones and having colors that complement with each other creates a greater sense of depth that will make a room look more interesting and exciting.

Better Interior designs

The next time you’re decorating your home, you can explore different colors for your ceilings, stray a little from conservative colors throughout your decor and consider different wood finishes to add more depth to your decors. You can find out more about choosing the color scheme of your interior from this article.

There you have it, decorating home interior need not be rocket science. And you should  start off by avoiding the top three mistakes most commonly found. Stick to white for ceilings if you're unsure, stay with neutral colors if you're undecided, and go for a variety wood finishing instead of having the same throughout the house or room.