10 ideas to totally transform your bathroom

One of the most renovated area in a new home would have to be the bathroom. Needless to say, it is one area everyone uses on a daily basis. Discover 10 great ideas to totally transform your bathroom into a beautify oasis. 


1) Seriously consider installing new flooring and wall tiles, use neutral and earthly colors for a soothing serene feel to your bathroom. The cost of tiling will depends largely on the types and quality of tiles you use. Hardwood flooring or ceramic tiles that are made to look like wood seems to be in vogue now.

2) If you have an existing bathtub that is faded and decades old, consider investing in a new shiny tub that will be more inviting for a soak and score a lot more points.

3) If you don’t have an existing bathtub, consider installing a shower enclosure. Shower areas are getting more elaborate and fanciful these days with multiple shower heads, rainforest showers as well as jet spray thereaputic massage showers to name a few.

3) Change your toilet bowls and seats. You can find many attractive and up to date models in the market for less than $300 and these models use less water and a relatively new gravity flushing system, which uses nothing more than water weight to trigger flushing pressure. This new system requires less maintenance than other complex systems and produces more quiet flushing.

4) Add a vanity if your bathroom doesn’t have one now. Vanity improves the overall look of the bathroom, and provides storage, therefore keeping your bathroom neat and presentable.

5) Change a new sink, this may be a pedestal sink, which is simplistic without the storage space to the trendy vessel sink, which has the look of a bowl on top of the counter. These sinks are stylish and simple with a geometric look and feel to it. There are a large variety of materials to choose from including stone, copper, nickel, glass, cast iron, stainless steel etc.

6) And nothing will offer your bathroom more sparkles than new faucets. Go for something simple and practical. Refrain from anything too dramatic that may not appeal to everyone in general. These days, Nickel is beginning to be more popular than stainless steel for faucets.

7) A fresh coat of pain on the ceiling and walls ( if its not entirely wall tiled ) will go a long way in making your bathroom looks refreshing and soothing. Light blues and greens are quite popular bathroom colours.

8) Consider lightings. Warm fluorescent wall sconces provide you with even lighting on your face for applying make up or shaving. Additonal halogen placed above the vanity area provides cross lighting when used with the wall sconces.

9) Install new hardwares such towel holders, shelves to stack your toiletries, include plants to freshen up corners, fill a vase with flowers and place it on the vanity, place a candle arrangement on the ledge of the bathtub or countertop, hang a unique piece of art on an empty wall, and even throw in a new rug is space permit.