The living room is one of the most used area of our home. It is also the first impression of any home we step into.

It is at the living room that the family gathers, for meals, TV and kids time, where stories are being shared, visitors are being entertained etc. So it does make the living room an important part of your home.

Renovating your living room

  • Before anything else, you will want to decide on the theme of your living room. It should be an area that is functional, comfortable, practical and yet stylish for your lifestyle.
  • If you need to make any structural changes, such as hacking a wall or constructing one, do this first.
  • Next, ensure all your electrical wiring are run or alter according to your needs and requirements.
  • Most of the time, flooring should be next, but this will depends on the material you are using
  • Next should be any plastering, painting and finishing works.
  • And lastly your furnishings.