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Top three reasons why less homeowners choose
Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets 

Affordability - Its more costly

Availability - Lesser Supply

Suitability - For Modern Designs

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> Aluminium drawer set (W18")

> Quartz stone table top (15mm)

Aluminium kitchen cabinets
 Benefits and price comparisons.

And everything else you need to know

Updated on 25th Nov 2019
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If you are planning to renovate or overhaul your kitchen cabinet, this article may be helpful. Read on about the 15 benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinets. Few of its disadvantages. And then decide whether it's a choice worth your consideration over conventional kitchen cabinets. More choices of home renovation packages can be found here

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kitchen cabinet in general

The kitchen cabinet in general

When it comes to renovating your home, the kitchen cabinet is probably one of your costliest investment. It's no surprise that the average homeowner mostly spend more on their kitchen renovation than on any other part of the home. Even the budget conscious understands that while they can live without the bells and whistles in the living and bedrooms in terms of fixtures and fittings, they cannot do without a functional and practical kitchen. 

And what would constitute a more functional and practical kitchen? We feel that one of the answers lie on the materials used to construct your kitchen cabinet. As well as how it is being carefully planned and designed with you in mind in terms of space, storage and flow. And how you will be using it for the years to come.

Kitchen cabinet - material and types

What are homeowners neglecting?

The majority of homeowners focus mainly on the exterior look and feel of their ideal kitchen cabinet. Aesthetically, if it looked nice and comprised mainly of their desire color theme, they are fine. But a functional and practical kitchen cabinet consist of many variable parts.

Broadly speaking, many different parts are taken into consideration before the final outcome can be achieved. And these are broken down into:
1) materials for the cabinet frames. Which can be further divided into full height, base and wall cabinets.
2) materials for the counter or kitchen top. Which could be marble, quartz, solid surface, tiles or even concrete.
3) materials for the cabinet doors. Which could be different types of wood, veneer, MDF, tempered glass or aluminium.

4) materials for the door handles This could range from plastic, wooden, stainless steel, chrome etc

5) types of drawers, pull out trays, shelving and lighting

6) types of hinges and accessories like the kitchen sink, cooker hob/ hood, built-in oven etc. 

Are you one of them? Do you take time to consider the various type of materials that can be used? Would price be the main barrier for realizing the dreams of your ideal kitchen cabinet? We have good news for you.

Benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinet

Why Aluminium kitchen cabinets?

If your first impression of a kitchen with aluminium cabinets is that of an overall cold metallic feel, think again. The advancement in technology has made it possible to offer aluminium kitchen cabinets in a myriad of colors to complement any home theme. Erm..... minus a very woody and grainy wood theme. 

In fact, the sleek premium finishes blended well with any solid surface or quartz kitchen top. And offers an elegant opulence when combined with mirror glass displays and down-light. It is also lightweight and more versatile than most wooden counterparts. The versatility of aluminium also offers more storage space for homes with smaller kitchen, Not forgetting its flexibility to provide more widths, depths and heights to internal storage. Which eventually means more efficiency and functionality to your kitchen.

For the most part, it's certainly befitting with any trendy homes designed with a touch of modern contemporary or Scandinavian theme in mind. Does that pique your interest in aluminium kitchen cabinets?

What to expect from your Aluminium kitchen cabinets?

Obviously, every type and choice of materials you used for constructing your kitchen cabinet comes with its benefits and some possible disadvantages. As the saying goes, nothing is perfect. In the case of aluminium, since it is essentially metal in composition, you're bound to expect some sounds made from metal clanking on metal. However, investing in better quality hinges and soft closing drawers eliminate most of the sound made from contact. 

And there is also the possibility of minor dents and scratches. This is remote in nature. But it could still happen. If you or your young ones decided to have a slam game and bump hard objects at the doors or frames of the aluminium cabinet, that could cause a regrettable  dent. And the thing is, there is hardly any remedy to it. 

In terms of design, should the theme of your kitchen falls under the traditional or country style, aluminium might not be your best choice as well. It is more suitable for modern themes like the contemporary or Scandinavian designs. 

All in all, if you're like the average owner who do take care of your kitchen cabinet, the benefits of aluminium kitchen cabinets far outweighs these concerns about risks of dents or noise etc.  

Benefits of Aluminium kitchen cabinets

Hot & Humid

Aluminium kitchen cabinet is most suited for Singapore's hot and humid weather. Unlike it's wooden counterparts, aluminium never bend or warp over time because of the heat and moisture. 


Aluminium is waterproof and totally resistant to water. Moisture and water droplets from kitchenware does not get soak into the material unlike wood. As such, you won't get to face damaged interior due to water. 

Fire resistant

Being highly resistant to heat and fire provides an additional layer of safety to your home. You will also never have to worry about getting burned marks or stains on your cabinets from accidental situations. 

Anti - rust

With the prevalence of heat and moisture in our local climate, rust is one of those issues homeowners will have to face over time. The use of aluminium completely eliminates this concern. 


While cleaning chemicals or food preparation spillage may actually damage your wooden cabinet, it is harmless to aluminium. Try leaving a splash of apple cider vinegar on your kitchen shelve. You'll know what it means.  

Pests resistant

The fact that it is non-porous and waterproof, qualities of metal, means it's not susceptible to pest infestations.  You won't have to worry about termites chewing your aluminium cabinets.  

Easy maintenance

The shine and color of aluminium doesn't get faded over time. All you need is just the occasional wipe with  a damp cloth. You don't need any harsh cleaning chemicals unlike for stubborn stains on wooden cabinets. 

More hygienic

Being non-porous eliminates the fear of your cabinet being the home of hidden bacteria and fungal breeding. Due to our climate, such micro-organism can thrive inside the dark hidden corners and causes a health hazard.


Wooden cabinets have a lifespan of around 10 - 15 years under normal usage. For homes where the kitchen is heavily utilized for daily cooking, it may be even shorter. Aluminium cabinets can easily last twenty to thirty years with minimal maintenance.


Ever smell the interior of a brand new wooden cabinet? We are not talking about the smell of wood. Most materials used for wooden cabinets emits toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds. And these are also harmful with those with respiratory issues. Especially the young ones.

Cost comparison Aluminium vs Wooden

Based on industry price estimates as compared to our current promotion

Wooden Cabinets

Solid plywood with ABS trimmings and laminated finishing



  • 15 ft top cabinet
  • 15 ft bottom cabinet
  • 15 ft Quartz table top
  • Laminated finishing
  • Soft closing hinges
  • Soft closing drawers
  • Stainless steel dish tray
  • Cement based

Top up additional $1200 for 30 ft aluminium glass door



Aluminium Cabinets

Industry average estimated pricing from other sources



  • 15 ft top aluminium 
  • 15 ft bottom aluminium 
  • 15 ft Quartz table top
  • Slow closing hinges
  • Slow closing drawers
  • Stainless steel dish tray 



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